Aloha! My name is Bethany 

I am a Healer, Yogini, Life Coach, world traveller, owner of AlohaOm and all around lover of life!  After exploring our planet for the last decade, my fiance' Tyler and I have chosen the Big Island of Hawaii as our home.

Our vision is to live simply, in harmony with the land.  This means a 'tiny' home and a BIG life,  off the grid, growing our food and building our dream with our own two hands. 

This blog is about a dream being mid wived into reality, how team work makes the dream work and inspiring tidbits that weave Hawaiian and Yogic principles as a road map for abundant living.  

This blog is dedicated to our future children and their children's children so they may know us and know we love them.  I hope this blog brings you joy and inspires you to believe in your dreams.  Get your hands dirty. Dream it real.