Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in creating an off the grid home and retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii with my sweetheart.

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'Aumakua land for baby, Quick!'

'Aumakua land for baby, Quick!'

Three months ago the love of my life, Tyler, and I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii.  A dream realized after a year of committed saving, planning and focus.  Through synchronistic unfolding and following the bread crumbs of the Universe, we purchased land, site unseen in Orchidland Estates on the east side of the island.  Our very own piece of paradise to ‘Malama’ or care for.  Wait a minute, site unseen? Yep.

We had been living in my home state of Vermont after meeting in Kauai in 2015…in front of Walmart.  Not your every day Walmart meeting but only the kind that Bernie Sanders and ke Akua, Great Spirit, could orchestrate.  My Lomi Lomi teacher had lost his phone charger and following the suggestion of my friend Danielle to purchase a new one at Walmart we hopped in the car on a mission to bring life back to his phone.  Little did I know my life was about to change when I spotted a group of people campaigning for Bernie on the side of the road in from of our destination.  As a gal born and raised in the Green Mountain state I was stoked! ‘Bernie in Hawaii, this is so rad’!  

I waved and the campaigner threw me a Shaka as I spotted the best campaign sign I had ever seen in my life.  A huge banner that said ‘Berning Aloha’ with a picture of Bernie Sanders head on the body of Elvis in full jump suit from his Blue Hawaii days.  I needed a picture of that sign.  Not only did I need a picture but it was my duty as a proud Vermonter to get one.


We parked and I hopped out of the car, heading to my people while my teacher went inside.  I chatted with the group of a dozen folks, had a pic taken of me with the infamous sign and then started talking with a couple local guys about my age, Dylan and Tyler.  They were asking me what I was doing on the island and I let them know I was assisting a Lomi Lomi training.  Dylan shared that his wife was pregnant and he had been thinking about getting her a massage. We all chatted and laughed a little longer, said good bye and I started to walk back through the parking lot.  I was half way to the car when it dawned on me that maybe I dropped the ball and Dylan was hinting if I was available to give his wife a massage.  So I grabbed a couple cards from the car and walked back to the campaigners.  

It was this time when I noticed how radiant Tyler was.  Full of life, enthusiasm and bright eyed. His strong shoulders and arms from a lifetime of surfing and as i walked away after handing a card to both of them I couldn’t help but put my hand on his arm and give a little squeeze as we said goodbye.

That evening Tyler texted me asking if I wanted to go on an adventure. Little did I know that saying Yes would be the greatest adventure of my life!

That winter Tyler experienced his first winter.  Not just any winter, a Vermont winter.  I remember December rolling around and breaking down crying that I did’t know if I was ready for it.  I had spent the three previous winters traveling and working in warm places.  I knew the mental challenge and toll that winter in Vermont has on me and was seriously scared about whats to come.  Tyler had know idea.  Every cell in his body had only known sunshine, salt water and papyas.  But he held me and said it will be ok.  By January we began to look on Craigslist for property to purchase in Hawaii! Propelled by the freezing cold we began to vigorously save money, committing to never having to endure such torture again.  We both longed for Hawaii.  

Many adventures and many months later the hunt for the perfect piece of land continued to evade us.  I had a phone call in June with one of my Lomi Lomi teachers, Uncle Harry, who lives on the Big Island.  I shared how Tyler and I were saving and intending to move there.  That we dream of building a sustainable, eco retreat space but also the deep call is to have babies and raise a a family on the islands.  Uncle Harry listened and then said, ‘lets say a pray’ he took a deep breath and with mana and conviction proclaimed ‘Aumakua, land for baby, QUICK’ We both laughed and I thanked him and the ancestor Spirits he called upon for help.  Less then a month later I had just finished teaching a Lomi training, the last student had left when I popped online. There it was, just listed, three acres with a driveway, a bulldozed area for building and planting, Orchidland Estates, owner financed.  As soon as I read the listing I knew this was the one we had been waiting for.  It was as if Uncle Harry’s prayer and the ancestors of the land itself had aligned this moment.  I felt in ecstasy, awe and humility all at once.  The land spoke to me, Pele, the volcano Goddess of the Big Island, spoke to me.  The pull was deep and strong.  Tyler was sleeping so I sent an email to the seller introducing myself and went to bed high as an eagle.  The next morning I showed Tyler the property and his first response ‘I could work with that’.  

The seller wrote back and that afternoon we chatted.  His name was Rama Das, another sign of alignment!  I asked how oner financing works and if he had ever done it before.  Rama laughed a bit and explained that it has become a family tradition to purchase land, upgrade it and resell as an owner finance because someone had done the same for his parents 30 years ago and that is how they were able to move to Hawaii.  This was all to good to not be true.  A Facetime tour and a week later we said we said yes to our dream. Now the adventure really begins!

Pele's Land

Pele's Land