Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in creating an off the grid home and retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii with my sweetheart.

It is my hope that our journey brings your joy and inspiration.

Dream it real.



Now is the time to remember why I am here. To stoke and be stoked.  To Bless and be blessed. Walk gently dear embodiment of blessing. To give is to receive, to receive is to give.  

Sparkling One, you generate an alpine glow on the icy landscape. Relaxed, open, soft, generous, receptive.  Through you the ancient ones speak wise truths. Just Be.

Trust the process of re-birth.  The natural unfoldment of it is both celebratory and uncomfortable.  Like stretching your legs after a long road trip.  Blood travels to places that have been stagnant giving rise to the tingle of new life.  The combination of pleasure and pain.  Ecstasy and resistance.  Like pins and needles the rush of energy is welcome and agonizing.  

I prefer to laugh then to scream.

Dive into the unfoldment of new life.  Trust the process. Have patience. Give thanks.

And imagine, dear one, that you can harness the moon, because you can.  The dream is within you and you are within the dream.  Do you pull the dream?  Does the dream pull you?  Is there a difference?  Remember there are no limits when declaring your lifestyle.  Reach for the moon and she shall reach for you.

Dear one, Spirit loves the way you dance with her.  In Bliss, in joy, in surrender.  Come to the edge of your life and leap.  Soar on the wings of Spirit.  Taste the nectar.  The essence.  The quintessence of life itself.  Drink deeply, Love, from the chalice of all that is. 

Become shimmering stardust. 


~ Many of my contemplations are inspired through Oracle cards.  Oracle cards are part of my daily meditation.  Not only are they fun but they help to cultivate intuition and 'truth telling' with myself.  Often the artwork or words sparks something from within my Being that wishes to be expressed.  

'Wisdom of the Oracle Cards' by Colette Baron-Reid

'Wisdom of the Oracle Cards' by Colette Baron-Reid

The Superpower of Listenng

The Superpower of Listenng