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The Superpower of Listenng

The Superpower of Listenng

Challenges seem to comes in collective waves, rising individually in unique expression, yet carrying similar qualities.  As a healer I have learned, and am always deepening, my ability to listen. Listening may be one of the most powerful superpowers that a person can cultivate. Listening has the ability to create miracles and transform worlds.  

Listening is different from hearing.  Hearing comes from an acoustic level of sound and tones.  Energetically hearing is a state of separation. In order to hear you have to seperate yourself from the sound.  It is outside of you and therefore ‘other’ then you. Listening is very different. It requires a dissolving of self, but this dissolving isn’t a dissolution, it is a becoming.  Only through dissolving can we begin to feel that everything is speaking through us as we are through all things. Listening is a fully embodied experience that is simultaneously active and passive.  Listening is the threshold of oneness.

The first time I really listened was in 2012.  I was attending a life coach training in Costa Rica.  We were exploring the element of earth in relationship to feeling.  We paired up to practice a particular way of coaching that explores the feeling body.  It was my turn to be coached and as the session progressed I laid down on the wood floor.  Given permission to open into feeling for perhaps the first time in my life. There was no pressure to put words to my experience as it unfolded, pure space was given to allow for pure experience.   I began to open and relax. I began to feel into the earth itself. I was transported to the infancy of our planet and felt the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the intensity of expansion and contraction to the sweetness of gentle rain and fields of grass.  Then I felt our human species from the beginning of time. All of the struggles, violence, hardship to the love and will that propelled our species to keep going. All of creation moved through me.

My body trembled as it received and integrated this remembrance of all that had brought me to that point in time.  And then there I was. So present in the moment. A part of creation story itself. Birthed into this particular time and space.  At that moment a bird sang and I could not tell if it was singing to me or from me. It sang again and I began to laugh and I felt the ripples of my own laughter both inside and outside of me.  Which made me laugh even more. I opened my eyes to the miracle around me, that I was no separate from, for the first time. I butterfly floated through the air of the Shala that was open to the surrounding jungle.  I felt her delicate flight coming from within my own body and again could not tell the difference if she was flying or if I was flying her. I laughed some more. As we closed class and moved on to dinner the world around me radiated magnificent colors.  My sensory perceptions had heightened and I felt weightless as I floated towards the dining area. I was surprised and amazed that I could taste where the potatoes I ate had come from and felt the hands of the people who grew them. This feeling of communion lasted about a half hour. Yet the experience of it has changed me at a cellular level.  

Since my experience in Costa Rica I have continued to develop my ability to listen.  I listen to the spaces between words, I hear what is being said even if it is not being spoken, I listen to the sounds of the environment around me as adding to the potential expansion of each moment, I ask my higher Self for help and she whispers insights to my Being.  Listening has led me to discover the art of Hawaiian healing through Lomilomi massage. The ancient Hawaiians teach us that things support our evolution. All things are alive, aware and responsive. We just have to open the door of communication.

How do we do this?  Communication begins with invitation.  Invitation takes willingness and a certain amount of vulnerability.  Why vulnerability? Because stuff can come up like the little voice that says ‘this is so dumb’, ‘everyone is going to think you are crazy’, ‘only special people have these abilities and you are not one of them’- you know the voice I am talking about.  Vulnerability is the ability to hear the voice and try something anyways. To put yourself into an experiment despite what that little ‘gremlin voice’ is saying. I actually like to use the gremlin voice as an indicator of what my soul needs to say yes to.  Often the louder the voice, the more my Spirit will be nourished by that which the voice resists.

Invitation through question will begin to open doorways of communication that have been waiting to be opened.  Simple questions like- What is the gift in this? What wisdom does this have? What have I been unwilling to see or know?  What would the blooming tulip have to say? Our culture places an importance on having the answers, the right thing to say and on figuring things out. I hear people all the time say ‘I just need to figure it out’ This cuts off an entire Universe from helping you.  My Lomilomi teacher Uncle Harry says the best prayer you can say “HELP?!” Questions are the portal to a new horizon filled with information, boundless possibilities and infinite more questions. Questions are like mining for gold and bring you from the surface crust into the heart of truth.

When you begin to listen you begin to remember, experience and embody wholeness.  Your natural state of Being is one of perfection. The souls essence is Divinely perfect and complete.  The human mind, misdirected ego and traumas can distort or cover our natural shimmering essence and be acted upon in ways that appear very ugly.  But the shimmering essence is always there.

As a healer, Lomilomi practitioner and student of listening it is my job to Remember this essence, to see it and reflect it back to a person even, and especially, when they do not remember it themselves.  I may hear stories of struggle, challenges, confusion, yet I choose to listen to their soul. I breath deep into my belly, relaxing my own nervous system, while holding the vision of their own light. Questions arise that come from the spaces in between words and the whispers of their soul.   I ask those questions which opens pathways for the person to clear cloudy, heavy energies and touch into truth. As I listen with my Whole Self, their Whole Self comes forward. Their quintessence, the essence of their essence, can rise to the surface and experience itself again. Often laughter, tears, insights come through as energies transform.  

To witness the radiance of a soul remembering wholeness is the most precious and sacred gift.  And this is how listening creates miracles. This is how listening transforms worlds. This is why listening may be the greatest superpower we can develop.

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