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Claim your Life

Claim your Life

I am super passionate about empowering people to claim their life.  It doesn’t matter if you love where you are or hate where you are, only when a person fully claims their life as their personal creation can it become a magnificent, evolving masterpiece.  Only when you claim your life as your own does the magic happen.

It takes an immense amount of courage to to step into the power of creator of one's own reality.  Mainly because it is not how we are brought up. We are brought up with structure, expectation, social norms, family norms.  There are boxes within boxes, within boxes that we think we have to live inside of. The main reason we think we have to live inside of these boxes is because it is what we are told to do, and it’s ‘just the way it is’ or ‘the way it works’ or ‘the way it has always been done’.  Trying to fit into these ‘norms’ is like contortion of the soul - it hurts and is actually the least normal thing a person could do.

Courage comes in when a person is willing not only to say ‘no’ to boxes for themselves but also willing to receive the energetic and sometimes actual tantrum from people around them who’s world doesn’t fit into a box free life.  I am definitely not saying that these people around you, who usually take form as family members, are wrong or bad. The opposite actually, most of the time they love you so much and believe that loving you is keeping you tucked into their beliefs of a safe world, the same way that their family tucked them into their current way of living.  They really are only working with what they know. And you only know what you know until you know something else. Their potential tantrums towards you are really because the love you and think that they are showing you how much they love you through them.

This is one of the hardest parts about unplugging from the 'just the way it is' paradigm.  Understandingly, because you don’t want to hurt or disappoint people you care about. Remember, you are a people too.  So how do you respond? Thank them for loving you. Seriously, the less you fight people around you and try to prove your way versus theirs the more grace-full your transition will be for everyone.  Thank them for loving you, because they do. Thank them because you love them. Your life will eventually become an invitation into what is possible. Though it may not feel like it at first for you or them!

Courage takes form in a person who is willing to be a wayfinder.  A navigator for their Soul’s calling. To ride the waves and storms of life and stay true to the course.  Following their guiding star. Ancient navigators saw oceans as pathways to new land, not as obstacles. There is a grace in knowing that all waters, stormy and calm, are your medium for arriving at the shores of your heart.  May courage be the wind in your sails.

There is a magical moment of incredible expansion that occurs when one chooses their own way.  Suddenly you recognize your awesome responsibility for your life. Only you are responsible for your happiness.  Only you are responsible for your suffering. Stories of blame dissolve into freedom. Life unfolds from a place of question and your intrinsic values guide you.  This is very different from the ‘if I do this then’ I will be happy, mentality.

Again, this is only a life path of the very most courageous.  And one that never has a perfect time to begin. But once you do, you can never go back.  Trying to do so will feel like suffocation. So why would a person want to take the blue pill and free themselves from the matrix? Because life is deeply fulfilling, nourishing, full of wonder, delight and adventure.  This doesn't mean that life will be free of suffering, but even suffering has a different texture. Even dark nights of the soul contain gifts and as you begin to ask for the gifts profound insights will arise. Paradoxes crumble, dualities cease to exist, everything happens for a reason and nothing happens for a reason at the same time. You live in the very center of life, becoming so intimately present with all that is and all that is becomes intimately present with you. A synchronistic, harmonious and wondrous relationship reveals itself to you in each moment. Only when we surrender our life to our soul and to life itself can one remember our quintessential nature as an embodiment of blessing.  And perhaps you will glimpse, if even for a flash, into your own eternal, divinely perfect essence.

My wish for you have that glimpse.  My wish for you is that you fulfill your soul’s calling.  My wish is that you know that Spirit has got your back. My wish is that you shine your eternal spark!

Waves of Aloha xo



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